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30318 Automatic Valuation

30318 - I wanted to send a quick note about 30318 and the numbers you might see on Zillow or Realtor (or any other site that gives data valuations online) because I have had 3 people contact me about these in the last week.

The 30318 Zipcode is particularly problematic because you have boarded up houses near Bankhead and English Ave to lovely homes in Ridgewood Heights and Collier Hills, it's quite a broad range, and the numbers are skewed. It looks like there can be dramatic increases in values, these are often not true when you get to the northern part of the zip code. YOUR home value will probably not increase by 10-20% over the next 12 months. If you lived or owned, near Mercedes Benz or Bellwood Quarry, there is a chance the values will be going up (from very depressed prices). Some other zip codes may be more reliable with these automated valuations (but still not perfect).

If you have any questions about your home value, please call a full-time REALTOR's (like me - I'm also a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor) for a more accurate value.

- Travis

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