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Vista Grand Apartments
Columbus, North Carolina 

$50,000 Minimum Investment  

This is a 506(C) offering for Accredited Investors only. This was previously at 506 (B) offering. 


What is the Opportunity? 


Vista Grand Apartments in Columbus, NC (yes, North Carolina) 

  • 48 Units - with a waitlist. 

  • Under Contract with a discount to the list price. 

  • Built in 2004, 

    • It is in fantastic condition with new roofs. 

    • Low-maintenance brick buildings. 

  • It is an ideal location halfway between Hendersonville, NC, and Spartanburg, SC.

    • 45 Minutes to both Asheville and Greenville, SC, 

      • There are tons of Jobs and Economic Growth in this corridor. 

    • MAP

  • LIHTC = Low Income Housing Tax Credit 

    • The LIHTC voucher covers 100% of the Units. 

    • 10-year contract with Foothills Housing Authority (via H.U.D.) 

      • It is an extremely secure contract. 

  • Projected Numbers 

    • Average Annual Rate of Return 17.66% 

    • Cash on Cash 7.47% 

    • IRR 14.29% 

    • It's not a "Value Add" deal; this is steady income. 

    • Projected 5 to 7-year hold. 

    • 70/30 Investor to Sponsor split. 

  • We have 80% financing on this deal (very rare these days). 

    • We are raising $989,346 in equity.  

      • Some of this is already in the system. 

    • It's first come, first serve, and I am not the only sponsor.

Here is a link to the Investor Zoom Call. This call walks you through the Property Package (attached) and puts some color on the offering. I am sure you will have more questions afterward, which is great, but this will get you started. 


 For More Information please call me 
Travis Bryenton
828-273-8798 cell 

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