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5 Bullet Friday - January 31st

1. Most Inspirational thing of the week: #PrayForIndy Ellen showed me this one night, and it breaks my heart but also shows the GOOD power of the world and the internet. I feel for these little guys (Indy Lew and Milo Bingham), but I can also feel the love from all around the world directed to these brave little fighters. Say your prayers and kiss your loved ones every night! Check them out on Instagram Indy and Milo (click on the pictures)

2. The Ladies are killing it on homeownership! Did you see my post from earlier this week? Women are outpacing the guys by a good margin, and a growing margin the younger they are. Check it out here

3. Quote of the Week:

4. Keller Offers is coming soon. This is the KW iBuyers program. I am now certified, but just waiting for more information and the paperwork to finalize. "I Buy Not So Ugly Houses". This will be a great program for some people who need to move quickly and or sell the non-traditional way.

5. My New Drug: I have been quite upset with the needless passing of Anthony Bourdain and his fantastic show, Parts Unknown, and nobody can replace that show, but I am really into Marcus Samuelsson show No Passport Required on PBS. This is a fantastic show highlighting the amazing food and culture we have here in America.

"Join chef Marcus Samuelsson on an inspiring journey across the U.S. to explore and celebrate the wide-ranging diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisine woven into American food and culture."

Have a great weekend Yall!!

- Travis

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