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Have Carpenter Bees on Your House? Better Watch This!

If you have a home or are thinking about Buying or Selling a home and you see Carpenter Bees coming and going in and out of little holes along the decking, soffits, or any wooden surface please watch this video and see what happens when you do not mitigate them

And before I start getting a bunch of hate mail about pollinators, please note that the very last thing I want to do is mess with this very important (and critical) population. I also do not want this costly damage done on my house. I know people who have had to replace every soffit after carpenter bees got in and the damage was done! If there is a humanly way to trap and release these guys somewhere else I am all game, please let me know how.

If I am your agent, you know this is on my radar! You will want to get this fixed PRIOR to listing your home. Carpenter Bees are also a potential deal-killer for my buyers, depending on the number of holes and damage.

In the meantime, these are the tools I use. (click on them and go to their page)


and to fill the hole back up I like Liquid Nails. I also have an old tennis racket and take a swing at them from time to time, the kids love that one

Be Well!

- Travis

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